These projects are our personal brands & concepts, brought to life.


Statement, bear with a vision
Drinking beer for a better world thanks to Statement

A beer that makes clear at a glance what you stand for, that is Statement. This new beer from Reninca van den Broeck conveys an important message: be yourself and dare to strive for a better world. Using different colored labels, you can choose the statement that suits you best. In order to really contribute to society, 5 percent of the proceeds go to charities. 



“Champagne is out, Matuvu is in”, that is the slogan with which the new beer brand Matuvu is putting itself on the map. Initiator Reninca van den Broeck composed a classy beer that is the perfect alternative to a glass of wine or champagne during a dinner or aperitif. The high-end brew is aimed at an audience that appreciates luxury, beauty and refined, rich flavors.