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Beer is gaining more and more popularity. A glass of wine with your dish is no longer an absolute must. Nowadays you can easily combine the palette of flavors on your plate with a delicious brew. However, beer often still has a certain reputation, and the new Matuvu wants to change that. “I worked for ten years at Le Coup Vert in Knokke-Heist, a gastronomic restaurant known for its daring, perfectionist fusion cuisine. There I noticed that in a beer country like Belgium, beer is often undervalued," says Reninca van den Broeck, the woman behind Matuvu. “It has inspired me to bring a classy beer to the market that is on the level of wine and champagne.” 


“Champagne is out, Matuvu is in”, that is the slogan with which the new beer brand Matuvu is putting itself on the map. Initiator Reninca van den Broeck composed a classy beer that is the perfect alternative to a glass of wine or champagne during a dinner or aperitif. The high-end brew is aimed at an audience that appreciates luxury, beauty and refined, rich flavors.

Matuvu takes beer to the level of wine and champagne.


The classy beer that should not be missing in your range

I would like to personally introduce Matuvu to you on the basis of a tasting. A soft, full, amber-coloured, slightly sweet, craft beer of 7 degrees with a subtle ginger touch and floral aromas. This can be drunk on the rocks or with a lemon for a fresh touch. We recommend this as an aperitif or refreshment with a main course. The taste pallet is composed with a view to refined cuisine due to the balanced and soft hoppy character.  


Matuvu is exclusively available in Knokke and specialty stores in Ghent. We aim for business with an eye for detail, a sense of taste and the total culinary experience. We opt for a smaller exclusive production. Matuvu will not be available in the everyday shops.


Do you want to surprise your customer with an exclusive and surprising beer? We deliver personally to the door from Monday to Thursday . 

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If you would like to discover Matuvu during a tasting, please let me know.

Do you prefer a tasting box, that is also possible! 

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look & taste
The label of the new Matuvu alone makes it immediately clear that this new Belgian beer makes a statement. Thanks to an aesthetic design, with clean lines and a modern look, the label is reminiscent of that on a wine bottle. On the bottle you will also find information about the origin of the hops, the flavor palette and the possible combinations on the table.


The taste of Matuvu has also been well thought out. “Bold flavors and new combinations always make me wildly enthusiastic. Especially when you notice that those flavors really strive for perfection. As a real beerista, I wanted to get Matuvu to such a level. We succeeded: it is a creamy beer with a hoppy character. Gourmets discover notes of ginger and honey. You first experience that soft character in the mouth, followed by the delicious, slightly bitter aftertaste of hops”, Reninca describes her creation. “I advise everyone to taste it with closed eyes. It really feels like you are walking between a wildflower meadow and a wheat field ready to pick.”  


Thanks to its rich character, Matuvu can be perfectly combined with a hearty meat dish or a crispy Thai salad. 

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