Fijn dat je interesse hebt in het opstarten van je eigen campagne om jouw product in de kijker te zetten.

Vooraleer we elkaar beter leren kennen stel ik voor dat je even een kijkje neemt in enkele projecten van mij. Ik ben erg benieuwd wat jij voor ogen hebt en sta te popelen om jouw visie/droom waar te maken.

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Circus without hands 

Packaging Campaign 

In collaboration with Bowling Brussels


Concept & Branding

Circus without hands is a non-profit organization that lets children come into contact with culture and different cultures  and this in a playful way.  This interaction is highlighted on the basis of this packaging. You can, as it were, throw the T-shirts at each other.  

Are you a crazy clown, a fierce acrobat, or a dangerous, wild animal? Step into the arena and become a real circus performer! Using your own motor skills and coming to yourself. Trust each other and work together. This packaging accentuates the playful character because it is in the shape of a circus ball. 

The challenge in this project was to make it visually appealing with barely a budget. This is achieved by using colorful stretchers that tie the T-shirts together into a colorful ball.  

The Bakery 

Print Campaign

In collaboration with Friendship Antwerp

Standard Solidarity Price

Concept, Branding & art direction

Today, breastfeeding your baby is still taboo. Although choosing to breastfeed is a conscious choice. The right of every woman. A hungry baby is a primitive necessity and so is feeding your child. It is something intimate and wonderful and not something to be ashamed of. This campaign  shows that you don't have to hide your baby, even camouflage it with the slogan "Now satisfied".  

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TV commercial

In collaboration with Friendship Antwerp

Concept, Branding & art direction

Let the videos speak for themselves

Creative at Friendship Antwerp


Social media campaign

In collaboration with Friendship Antwerp


A coin gives you that extra boost of self-confidence you need during a date, job interview and so on. The funny pun of mentholcoach could of course not be missed.  

​ Creative at Friendship Antwerp