vintage ceramics

Giving life & seeing the beauty in extra ordinary things.

Reninca immerses herself in art as an object of use and thinks about how we can make art more accessible in our daily lives. Reninca is a lover of objects with a soul. Today everything is machined. As a result, the individuality is lost. Reninca is changing this with her unique vintage collection that gives her a new lease of life with a contemporary twist. Reincarnation of design, as it were. Which also happens to be the meaning of her name.


Our Story

One day Reninca came across a series of old plates. Like a white canvas. She has put her focus on style, color and composition. "It is giving new life to objects that no longer have a place in the modern zeitgeist, but which, through the hand-painted bright colors or abstract motifs, provide a nice contrast with the old-fashioned vibes.

I present to you BIZART. 


Our Clients