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Miniature nature in your home

Hello, I make butterfly cloches with vintage butterflies, recycled glass and dried wildflowers. I like objects with a soul and a story. Nature inspires me and that is reflected in my work through color, material and form.  For me, nature has always been a haven of peace and the purest form of beauty.

Our Story

Step 1

Green does something to us.
Especially if you're open to it. Nature has a healing effect, but many people do not realize this sufficiently. Walking in nature reduces stress and helps to organize the thoughts.

I choose my dried flowers, plants, stones,... very picky. When dressing the bell jar I look at color, shape and composition. Everything should be nicely balanced. 

Step 2

The next step and the finishing touch is adding a butterfly. The butterfly can blend nicely into the color palette or form an interesting contrast with the dried flowers.  

A butterfly means you are on a spiritual journey. This is an important factor in our personal and successful growth. The butterfly helps to symbolize this idea by showing us that you must first undergo the transformation.

Step 3

Each bell jar is unique and radiates a certain feeling/energy due to its colors and objects. Colors also play a prominent role in Eastern philosophy. For example, in Indian and Chinese medicine, colors have been used for centuries to balance the chakras of the body. Chakras are important energy centers in your body: each of the seven 'wheels' or chakras ensures the flow of a certain energy through your body.

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1. Red provides warmth and power

Who does not know red as the color of passion, strength, fire and physical energy. The color is so powerful because red has the longest wavelength of all colors. Spiritually, the color symbolizes being present in the moment, and saying yes to life. And that's actually not surprising when you think of the blood that flows through your veins and provides every cell with life energy. Red activates and warms. And you can use that at times when you want to bring out the fire in yourself. For example, the power of red lips is probably unknown to any woman.

When should you avoid red? For feelings of restlessness, stress or insomnia.

2. Enjoy more with orange

Orange is warm, enthusiastic, open and cozy. Enjoying life is part of orange, as is sexual pleasure. With orange you feel like it! Creating a color with the power of new things. For Buddhists, it is the color of the rising sun and symbolizes spiritual awakening.

When should you avoid orange? In moments of silence and reflection

3. Yellow for energy

Cheerfulness, exuberance and willpower, these are the typical characteristics of the color yellow. It has a long wavelength and we especially feel it on an emotional level: yellow gives you the power to shine and helps with your concentration. And just like the yellow sun is central to our solar system, this color gives you the guts to put yourself in the center of attention.

When should you avoid yellow? If you want to relax.

4. Relax with greenery

Green is the hue of the heart (yes, really) and connection, and it's Mother Nature's color. Green falls right in the middle of the color spectrum and therefore helps you to get into harmony and balance. Green allows you to turn inwards, to rediscover the balance within yourself and from there to make contact with the outside world.

With the new  'Deep infinity' makeup line from Dr. Hauschka  you can discover the magical effect of colors for yourself. In the limited edition eye palette, for example, you will find powerful shades of green and blue that are reminiscent of the vastness of the sky and the depth of the ocean.

When should you avoid green? Never, because of the grounding effect of green, this color is suitable for every moment.

5. Blue (and 6. indigo) gives brightness

Blue literally gives you room to breathe. Just think of the image of a sky-blue sky or a vast, turquoise sea… that gives a feeling of freedom and space. Blue stimulates your throat chakra and ensures a clear mind, overview and better communication.

Wonderful qualities to radiate to others. This pure natural mascara from Dr. Hauschka subtly gives a turquoise tint to your lashes, so that your surroundings can also experience the calming effect of turquoise blue.

When should you avoid blue? If you feel insecure or lost.

7. Divine Inspiration Through Purple

This royal color belongs to your seventh chakra: the energy centers through which we make contact with higher dimensions. Purple gives wisdom and stimulates your creativity, especially when you use it for a higher purpose.

When should you avoid purple? When you go to sleep.