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Bizarre Ceramic

Finding Beauty in Everyday Life

When Art & Design meets.

BIZART wants to inspire people, make art accessible to everyone, sell stories and not objects, bring creatives together, create objects and bring them back to the origin from an aesthetic feeling. 

our story

BIZART wants to make art accessible by uniting art and design and blurring the border. Design with the big D.


BIZART stands for quality/craft. Products are made by hand and therefore each one is unique.


 BIZART is against mass production and the throwaway society associated with it).  Upcycling products and reusing materials is very important to us.


BIZART will always opt for the most ethical path. Many of the products are animal and environmentally friendly.  A few are conceptually linked to a charity or organization.


BIZART respects the material from which the product is made and will also honor this material by emphasizing its pure form.


BIZART is for creative development and enters into collaborations or  don't shy away from collaborations between different art movements.


We don't want to be DIFFERENT we want to put PERSONALITY in objects first. You don't buy an object but you buy a story or soul



These plates are made by hand. Each plate is therefore unique because they are not cast by means of a mold (solid form). The colors are applied with a brush. Here I determine the number of layers and the color combinations. You don't get this personal touch when you apply the "dip" technique. When you dip, you have an even distribution of a color layer. 


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Everything is custom made. The average production period is 1 to 2 months. Contact me and I'll get started for you.

Our Clients

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